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Fish-Camp is my time with friends and guest. 
Where lessons are learned, laughter a must. Tears of pain when the big one comes off.  And the tales get bigger each year!
  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
                        This will be a daily report
                  2019 Fishing Report
           September 19, 2019, 6 AM

Beaverkill,    78 cfs    57 degrees,   low

Willowemoc  46 cfs    53 degrees    low

East branch  140 cfs  54.1 degrees  low

West branch  847 cfs  52.3 degrees  wade
"Hale Eddy"

Mainstem     981 cfs  59.1 degrees  wade

Neversink      82 cfs  54.3 degrees  low

Esopus         280 cfs  60.8 degrees  wade

Wappinger    27   cfs     N/A          Low

Housatonic   178  cfs     N/A          wade

Farmington   167  cfs     N/A          wade

Bug's -  Olives, Iso's, Cahill's, Midges, September peach, October caddis, White mayfly    

9/19/19:  Waking up to a brisk 39 degrees here in cooks Falls. Rivers need rain, even the tailwaters are getting skinny as they hold back. Most rivers you need to approach the trout with stealth move like a Blue Heron. Still with water temps cool you can get into some trout, West branch and Mainstem plus the Esopus have decent flows. As is the Farmington in Connecticut. Off from the shop today going to spend some "Me" time on a river!

9/18/19:  Let it rain soon for the freestones!  I fished a tailwater yesterday afternoon with my friend Andre, slow fishing, one fish each, mine took a rusty spinner, Andre's took a Cahill.  Rises were not to steady as there were not many bugs on the water.  Not everyday is perfect as we would like it to be. The West branch has a cloudiness to it, as the reservoir in going through inversion. Happens every year. In the shop today. 

9/16/19:  Yesterday did a morning guide/lesson on the Beaverkill, 3 young anglers, the ticket was the dropper off the Caddis fly that took fish, it was either a BH PT or a BH caddis pattern that the fish took. All trout are getting their fall colors from the Bows to the Brookies.  Catskills are getting that autumn feeling, Summer birds have disappeared, Bucks velvet has been removed, leaves starting to change and fall.  My favorite time of the year!  Photo below: 

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9/16/17: Elisa first ever Beaverkill trout, so excited she was she did a selfie!  It's Great to see the excitement in a new angler when they land a fish. 
9/15/19:  The next two photo's is My best ever Brookie, but the spawn colors were so impressive I called my friend down for a photo. Fished caught on the EB. 
9/7/19:  Young Anthony Masilio with a dandy of a East branch Rainbow that took a rusty spinner!
9/4/19: Karen Cotton from Ill. with a dandy of a East branch Rainbow, the Bow ate a BWO cripple. 
8/31/19:  Nice Brown I caught on the Upper East yesterday, Rusty Spinner was the ticket, 7X, love the Glass rod for that reason, so forgiving on light tippet.
8/31/19:  My friend Andre, with the Best East branch Rainbow I have seen.  Olive emerger!
8/30/19:  East branch Brookie, nice in size But I think it was stocked.  Rusty Spinner. 
8/26/19: Bear sightings are more frequent now in the Catskills, the loggers call them the new wood rats. I saw this young one cross old 17 near Barnhardts pool the other morning.   
8/24/19: Nice Mainstem bow I caught yesterday afternoon, the Bow took a Iso cripple.  Nothing like a Mainstem bow hardest fighting fish in the Catskills. 
8/20/19: Full day guide with Jason and Dan, Jason holding best fish of the day. West branch of the Delaware. 
8/16/19: My Friend Kristy Ansbach out with her husband Tim, holding a very nice West branch Brown.  Tim purchased her a new Echo #3 rod which improved her casting and accuracy and now she is landing some awesome fish.  But that's not all, she is now into fly tying and landed this brown on her own fly! 
8/9/19:  Chris from Canada with his best brown of the morning!  Chris placed 5 browns in the net, from rusty spinners to midges.
8/4/19:  Kristy Ansbach holding a very nice West branch Brown.  The Brown took a Zebra midge as a dropper. 
7/26/19: I watch his father "Vinny" grow into the fly-fishing world, now I'm watching his son Jack grow too!   Lots of fun teaching him! 
7/25/19: Ant's work, just ask this stubborn Brown who refused my many offerings!  Watch for sippers during the day near banks who maybe feeding on falling ant's. 
7/14/19: Steve Dolce sharing his photo of a wonderful brown he caught on the West branch during Sulpher time!  Thanks Steve.
7/12/19:  Was a fun day to participated in the Governor's Challenge for the Catskill region.   
7/5/19:  The Brown family with Paul's first wild Rainbow!
7/3/19:  Every once in a while I get a Brown with nice color and unique spots, this East branch brown took a size #18 sulpher parachute. 
7/3/19: Manny from Brooklyn holding his first ever Brown on a dry fly!  The brown took a size #20 Olive emerger in the Willowemoc.  
7/1/19: Beau from N.J, with his first ever Trout on a Dry fly, taken in the Willowemoc on a Olive emerger. 
6/25/19:Fun time with Kevin & Wes Miller, Steve Dolce, Mid-Hudson TU donation fulfilled, Kevin holding a nice Rainbow from the East branch of the Delaware, Everyone caught fish either on the Willow or later in the day on the EB. 
6/23/19:  Mike from Brooklyn holding his first ever Willowemoc Brown caught on a fly-rod!
6/19/19: Fished with Gene Monty yesterday afternoon, We caught some decent Browns over 18 inches on Green drakes.  This is Genes best fish!
6/15/19: Maybe the Best Rainbow any of my clients ever caught on the Beaverkill!  First cast/first fish! Way to go Gary!
6/15/19: Happy Fathers day to me! 8 PM the night before, #10 Cahill emerger on my favorite river. 
6/8/19:  Gary Needell with a nice Brown that took a beadhead Pheasant tail.
6/6/19: Bill from Canada with a decent brookie caught on the East branch.
6/4/19: Doubling up, fished last night with Andre we hit a terrific spinnerfall of mix spinners.  We also had Sulphers, Olives, and March browns on the water.  Andre's fish took a spinner, mine a sulpher cripple. 
6/2/19: Found a few Dark blue Sedge on my trailer this morning, usually they coincide with Drakes. 
5/31/19: Had some me time last night after closing the shop, Fished the East branch, Egg laying caddis to mix sulphers, this is the first Brown that took a sulpher pattern for me this year! Not bad!
5/28/19: Vinny from Cold Spring with his West branch Brown that took a Brown floating nymph. 
5/27/19: I hit a nice Spinnerfall on the East branch of the Delaware just before dark. 
5/26/19:  Andre Valenti with a nice East branch brown, Apple caddis.
5/25/19:  Top and bottom Photo's, Nancy Montgomery & Son Hudson with his first Beaverkill Rainbow, Prince nymph. Nancy's Brown took a Prince Nymph also. Mother and Son trips are a lot of fun!
5/24/19:  Nolan from Connecticut with his first ever Beaverkill Brown, that took a tan caddis pupa. 
5/24/19:  Wearing the right hat is everything, just ask young Riley!  Good Job to Riley and Dad Charlie. 
5/17/19:  Greg from North Carolina, With his first ever Beaverkill Brown.  The brown took a large Olive #14.  
5/8/19 : Martin Craig with his first ever Beaverkill Brown, the Brown took a size #16 PT as a dropper from a dry fly.   
5/4/19:  Ryan with a very nice brown taken in the Beaverkill on a Hendrickson emerger. 
5/3/19:  Chris from Lower Westchester holding his best Brown of the day.  The Brown took a Hendrickson compara dun. Beaverkill.
5/3/19:  Mess of Hendricksons in one sampling in the Seine! 
5/1/19:  Don from PA, with a beautiful brown taken in the Willowemoc, took a Pheasant tail soft hackle #14. 
4/30/19: last day of a cold wet month, Fished with Andre Valenti another guide from Catskill flies, We got into a few fish!  
Top photo:  My Best brown that took a Brown Ausable wulff.
Bottom Photo: Andre Valenti, his fish took a Hendrickson emerger. 
4/25/19: Moira holding the best fish of the day, which gave her bragging rights.  The brown took a Yellow stimulator #14, she had many more fish that took Hendrickson compara dun #12, Little Ausable wulff #16. Fun day with Moira and Pat. 
4/23/19: Elisa with her best fish of the day, 1/2 day lesson, Willowemoc.  It's always exciting to hear the reel scream to place smiles on the clients face. 


White mayfly

Tan caddis
October Caddis

"Ant's"  Black/cinnamon


Black stones #2-4
Goldenstones #12 -10?
Pheasant tails 20-12
Haresear's #14 -10's
Prince nymphs
Art flicks Iso nymph
Copper Johns
B.H. Caddis larve-
In different colors #16 -12