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Where lessons are learned, laughter a must. Tears of pain when the big one comes off.  And the tales get bigger each year!
  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
                        This will be a daily report

Updated Links page, now you can find daily weather reports for the destination you choose for fishing!

              The 2017 Fly-Fishing Season

                           September 19th, 2017,  8:30 AM

New York:

Wappinger Creek      28 cfs    Unavailable    Low
Ten Mile                     58 cfs    Unavailable    wade

Beaverkill                140 cfs     65.0 degrees  wade

East branch              127 cfs    58.0 degrees   wade

West Branch            306 cfs    55.0 degrees   wade
  "Hale Eddy"            

Delaware                 709 cfs    67.0 degrees   wade
Neversink                 140 cfs    61.0 degrees   wade

  "Cornwall"            266 cfs     Unavailable  wade

Farmington            132 cfs      Unavailable  wade

Weather:  For Weather check my links page for up to date reports. 

Best Bet:  As of now most rivers are below normal in flow, tailwaters are cooler to fish.  we could use some rain.  Today your choice. 

Bugs:  Olives, Iso's, September peach, October caddis, tan caddis, Brown caddis, White mayfly, Cahill's.

***  Summertime, Ant's, Beetles, Hoppers.  Water along fields think Cinnamon ant's, Wooded area's think Black ant's.


9/18/17 :  Today I did a full day guide trip with long time client Bob  Ciabocci.  from Buchanan N.Y.   We did the Beaverkill, where Bob had a decent morning placing 5/6 browns in the net, using a Tan caddis emerger.  We moved to the East branch for the afternoon but it was dead, back to the Beaverkill to another spot and We placed two more fish in the net, one being a feisty Rainbow.  Overall warm day humid, which has the fishing times off from the previous week, when it was cool the fish and bugs were coming off around 10 am, then 2-6 pm, now it's 7:30 am to about noon, then just before dark.  So I decided to stay till dark and fish for myself, I brought the fiberglass 4 wt, and had some fun, catching some browns and a nice Rainbow on the October caddis and a cream spinner.  Today was mostly a caddis day, but just before dark 7ish, Spinners, caddis, hebe's were all over the water.  Can't wait for the cool weather to come back and we sure could use some rain.  Photo's below!

9/17/17:  Stayed over in Roscoe last night do to a late guide trip.  So thanks to my wife Jeannie for doing this morning stat's on flows.  Had Meredith and Eric for a half day guide trip Saturday afternoon, It was slow, the purpose of the guide trip was to give Meredith confidence in her fly fishing, as she had never had a fish look at her fly.  Well she had a few fish look and take, which excited her, then she landed a small Rainbow that took a size #20 parachute Olive.  But now with the heat and humidity fishing has slow down some.  Eric learned a few more types of cast's, and he had some hook-ups.  The selective fish were taking a Tan caddis X, an Iso, or the Olive.  So the afternoon was fun and a good learning experience for the young couple. Sunday morning I sat on a rock near the Willowemoc sipping my morning coffee before entering the shop, the Caddis were already over the water by 7:30 AM with two small browns feeding on the pupa. Also my buddy Charlie brought to Roscoe his young son Riley, they spent the morning on the willowemoc, Where Charlie laid down his fly-rod for the morning to help Riley toss a Rapala, here Riley took his biggest brown of his young career.  Wish I was there to see that!  But I had to work the fly-shop and produce a bunch of BWO'S emergers size 20 as the bin was down to a few.  Back on the water tomorrow for a full day guide trip.  Photo below of Riley's Big brown.

9/15/17:  Knowing we could get rain yesterday afternoon, I put my gear in my vehicle in the morning.  Fishing low light conditions are the best time to fish.  I locked up the shop at 5 PM, headed to the Beaverkill and it started to rain.  I brought the 4 wt fiberglass rod "Echo" and had some fun.  landing 4 browns and a Rainbow.  The trout took mostly a October caddis, or the dropper a soft hackle version of the October caddis, One Brown took the Iso.  Lately the trout have been in shallow riffles, specially the Rainbows.  Around 6:30 pm maybe closer to 7 PM the riffles were on fire, trout just popping in the water.  The rain wasn't to bad, only the edges started to get color.  I don't think today the rivers and streams will have any color except the Farmington.  So last night good call to fish, had fun on the Fiberglass!

9/13/17:  This morning I had Bob Lapointe from the Boston area on the Beaverkill.  We started out by 9 am and fished to about 12:15pm, it started out a little slow in the first hole Bob manage to get two fish to come to his caddis fly but missed them.  By 10:30 am I said to Bob this hole today is not producing lets move to another. "Bingo"  We moved to another pool and Bob got into some nice Rainbows on my Caddis pupa "tan".  We placed 3 in the net, plus he missed a few to.  We found the Rainbows in shallow riffles, this has been the pattern for them the last few weeks.  Just about the only bug around was two types of caddis flies, a tan one #14, and a smaller tan one with a sandy wing, #16.  Bob had his best Rainbow leaping out of the water, what fun!  The Beaverkill was about 150 cfs, and about 60 degrees.  Photo below.

  9/18/17:  Photo below, Had some me time on the water tonight, this spunky Rainbow made me enjoy the tugs on the Fiberglass rod!
  9/18/17:  Bob Ciabocci. from Buchanan N.Y.  holding one of his best fish of the day, the Brown took a Tan caddis emerger.
  9/17/17:  Photo below, Riley " no fish to big" holding his 18.5 inch brown he caught on the Willowemoc with his Dad Charlie.  The brown took his Rapala "silver".  Riley is way ahead of me when I was his age!  Kudo's to Riley the future fly-fisherman!
  9/13/17:  Photo below, Bob Lapointe from the Boston area, with his first ever Beaverkill trout a Rainbow, that took a size #14 caddis pupa.
  9/10/17:  Photo below,  Gene from Long Island with one of his many Rainbows caught on the Beaverkill, the Rainbow took a size #12 soft hackle that represented a October caddis emerger. 
  9/6/17:  Top photo, Brother and sister , Frank & Sarah sharing a moment with Franks Brown trout, that took a Iso emerger!

Below photo:  Sarah with her first Trout on a fly-rod, the Brown took a #12 Iso Compara dun!

  9/3/17:  Photo below, Paul from N.Y.C. holding one of the Brown trout he caught on the Beaverkill!  His first time with a fly-rod!  The Brown took a brown floating nymph #18.
  8/31/17:  Photo below, Jared with his second fish of the day, a Rainbow that took a green soft hackle.
  8/29/17:  Photo below, Chris from Westchester, holding his first Rainbow caught on a fly-rod!  The Rainbow took a yellow sallie. 
  8/29/17:  Photo below Matt Mattioli from Westchester holding his first ever trout caught on a fly rod, the Rainbow took a October caddis in the riffles. 
  8/26/17:  Photo below, Nathan holding his first ever trout caught on a fly rod.  The Brown took a size #16 beetle.
  8/15/17:  Photo below, my nephew Mace with one of his Browns, this one took a Vitreus emerger. 
  Photo below: 8/15/17, The Uncle showing Mace how it's done!  One of nine fish for me this day.  This Brown took the Yellow Sallie!  I loved my time with Mace on the water, sometimes it's hard to find time with family outside your own, specially in the guiding business. 
  8/10/17:  Photo below, Jeff from lower Westchester with his best fish of the morning, the Brown took a #16 beetle. This was lessons on the Willowemoc.
  Photo below:  8/9/17, Husband & wife David and Michelle, Michelle holding her first ever brown trout on the fly-rod.  The brown took a #20 CDC Olive emerger. 
  8/7/17:  The smallest brown that I caught Sunday night, the Brown took a #10 Iso compara dun, on the East branch.
  7/30/17:  Photo below, Jeremy of Stony Point N.Y. with his first ever Brown trout on the fly rod, the Brown took a #22 Trico spinner!  
 7/16/17:  Photo below, Husband and wife Jason and Laurie from Staten Island.  Jason holding Laurie's first ever trout on a fly rod, the fly took a Sulpher cripple.
  7/12/17:  Photo below, Emanuel holding his Sister Theresa best fish of the day, the Brown took a midge emerger #22.  Theresa was so excited about the fight of the fish.   Got to love Family moments!
  7/12/17:  Photo above, Emanuel from Long Island with his first fish of the day, the Brown took a beetle #16.

                   Photo below, Theresa, with her first fish of the day, a Brown that took my guide midge fly pattern.  

                                  I love family outings!

 7/10/17:  Photo above Marie with her first ever brown trout on a fly rod!  The brown took a #22 Griffth's gnat.

   Photo below, Father and Daughter, Marie holding Monty's fish, a Brown that took a Griffth's gnat!  You got to love these moments on the water!

  7/10/17:  Photo below, Mike from Florida holding his first ever Brown trout on a fly rod!  The Brown took a Griffth gnat #22.
  7/1/17:  Photo below, Abbas from N.Y.C, with a very nice brown trout that took a #14 beetle.  His best Trout on a fly rod!
 6/27/17:  Photo below, My daughter Steph with her best fish of the day, a very nice brown that took a BWO #20.  Willowemoc.
 6/25/17:  Photo below, Sofie holding her first Brown trout that she caught on a dry fly, #22 BWO emerger.
 6/25/17:  Photo below, Chris from Orange county N.Y. holding his best fish, a Brown that took a #22 BWO parachute.
 Photo Below:  6/10/17, Matt took this Nice Upper Beaverkill brown on a #14 Cornuta "BWO".
 6/3/17:  Photo below, Tom from Connecticut holding a very nice brown that took a Green Drake emerger.  This was on the Beaverkill.
 5/28/17:  Photo below 13 year old Kieran from Long Island with his first ever Brown on a fly rod.  Also he wins the Family bet where to eat!
 5/26/17:  Photo below, Mark from Salt Point releasing his first Brown of the afternoon, the Brown took a size 12 brown floating nymph on the swing!
 5/24/17:  Photo below, good friend Dick Smith with a nice Brown trout, that took his March Brown.  Dick likes to use his Echo 4 wt, fiberglass on the Willowemoc!
 5/22/17:  Photo below, Dean Avery with his best fish of the day!  The brown trout took my #12 Brown floating nymph.
 5/21/17:  Photo below, Jason Larson with his best fish brown trout of the day.  The Brown took a March brown emerger.  One of three fish he landed!  This was a full day of lessons.
 5/20/17:, Photo below, Jeff from N.J. with his best fish of the day!  The brown took a March brown emerger.
 5/17/17:  Photo below, Harry Sr. carefully removing a fly from a nifty brookie!  The brookie took a #16 brown Wulff.
 5/12/17:  Photo below, Phil and his son Colt, sharing a moment with a nice Willowemoc Brown that took a #18 BWO.
 5/11/17:  Photo below, Phil from Texas with his first ever Beaverkill Brown, that took my Brown floating nymph size #12.
 5/2/17:  Photo below, Beginners luck!  Had a friends kids on the water and Elisha takes this huge brown on a 3wt, 7'6" rod, the brown took a gray spent caddis.  Their Dad was able to find youth waders which got them closer to the fish. It was team work!  By the way this was her second fish.
 5/1/17:  Photo below, Algis with his first ever Brown on a flyrod, Willowemoc, the Brown took a #16 orange stimulator.
 Photo below:  5/1/17, Had some free time on Monday to fish for myself, Fished the West branch of the Delaware and placed this brown in the net, the Brown took a Blue Quill emerger, the flow was just over 400 cfs, The Brown was over 18 inches.
 Photo below:  5/2/17, Jim Corless with the Best Brown caught in the Neversink, the brown took a Tan caddis emerger.
 4/30/17:  Photo below, Joe from Brooklyn with his first ever Beaverkill brown and first ever trout on a fly rod.  the brown took a Caddis beadhead pupa as a dropper off of a Hendrickson compara dun.
  4/29/17:  Photo Below:  Ray from N.J. with his first Beaverkill brown of the day.  The Brown took a Brown Caddis X #16. 
 4/24/17:  Photo below, Wendell Refior from Boston Mass took this nifty Rainbow on the Farmington river.  The Rainbow took a Green soft Hackle.
 4/16/17:  Most holidays are family time, my buddy Charlie does just that spends time with his kids.  Over the years I have put Riley and Kelsey on the web with their photo's of there fish.  Well here is another year of the kids having fun with there Dad.  Top photo is Kelsey "no fish get's by" holding and releasing her best fish of the day.  Bottom photo is Riley "no fish to tough" holding and releasing his best fish of the day!  Good family fun!  Thank you Charlie for sharing!
 4/15/17:  Photo below, Charlie Fiske took a float trip with his new friend Marty, Charlie took this very nice 20 inch brown on a streamer.
  4/14/17:  David Collins of Westchester County took two nice Beaverkill Browns today.  the Browns took a size 14 Stonefly dry fly!  First dry fly fish of the year!
 Photo below:  10/17/16, Mike Madureira of Buchanan N.Y  with a Dandy brown that took a Blue wing Olive emerger.
 Photo above:  10/17/16, Tom Madureira with his first Brown of the day, which took a Blue wing Olive.

Photo below:  10/17/16, Phil Terrano with one of his many trout taken today, again the Blue wing Olive.

 Photo above: 10/15/16,  Jennifer with her first ever Rainbow the fish took a hares ear nymph as a dropper off a stimulator.

Photo below: 10/15/16, Lucas with his first ever Brown trout that took a BWO.

 Photo below:  10/15/16, Abbas with his first ever trout taken on a fly rod, the nifty brown took my brown floating nymph.
 Photo Below:  October 11th, 2016, Toby Tobias from Oregon with a nice fall Rainbow, taken on a Caddis nymph.
   9/13/16:  Photo below, Terry Chapman from the state of Mass, with his first ever Beaverkill Brown.  The Brown took my Yellowsallie pattern. 
 9/2/16,  Photo below:  Jim Newcomb from Chicago holds a nice 16/17 inch brown trout, that took a unexpected spinner in a experiment, a Golden spinner size 10.  He actually caught 3 more trout on that fly around 7 PM.
Photo below:  June 11th - my brother-in-law, Joe Uva landing one of the many Browns he caught today, this one took a Snowshoe Sulpher Emerger.
Photo below:  July 8th, 2016:  Quinn Lai with her best East branch brown trout. The Brown took a sulpher emerger. 
Photo above and Below:  June 14th, 2016:  My wife Jeannie with her first tussel of a trout on a flyrod!  Below is her first trout she placed in the net!  The trout took a Ausable wulff.
Photo below:  June 8th, 2016:  My client Gary Needell holding a nice Beaverkill brown that took a yellow stimulator.
Below photo, June 7th, 2016:  Kristy Wilson holding one of her many trout caught on a day of lessons.  Kristy was on the Willowemoc and the trout today took a beetle, Brown floating nymphs, and a Tan caddis pupa.
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