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Where lessons are learned, laughter a must. Tears of pain when the big one comes off.  And the tales get bigger each year!
  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
                        This will be a daily report

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The 2018 Fly-Fishing Season

May 22, 2018  6:00 AM
"Flow's subject to change based on Mother nature" 
New York:

Wappingers Creek  349 cfs    Unavailable  wade
Ten Mile             347 cfs      Unavailable      wade

Beaverkill           991 cfs     54.0 degrees  limited        
East Branch      1020 cfs    52.1 degrees   float 

West Branch     1330 cfs   47.4 degrees   float
 "Hale Eddy"              

Delaware          4570 cfs    57.2  degrees    Float
Neversink           637 cfs    55.5 degrees   high

 "Cornwall"         1350 cfs     Unavailable   Wade

Farmington          183 cfs     Unavailable    Wade

Weather:  For Weather check my links page for up to date reports. 

Best Bet:  Rivers and Streams continue to drop, although the tailwaters again have water coming over dam.  The bright side, this week little to no rain with warmer temps.  Best bet, Housy and Farmington, Wappinger creek. 
Bugs:  Tan Caddis #18's,  Olives #18/20's,  Blue Quills,  Hendricksons, March Browns, large Sulphers


5/21/18:  What a crummy weekend!  The Anglers who went high to fish on the Willowemoc and Beaverkill caught fish, as the water was high but much clearer.  The brightside to this week, is little to no rain with warmer temps, the March browns should pop by the end of the week, as they are now sending out scouts.  Hendrickson's are still around in the Tailwater waters.  Guiding tomorrow full day, they requested a Tailwater stream, I hope I can find one that is wadable.   

5/19/18:  So tomorrow is going to be a bust in the Catskills do to high and off color water.  Thursday I did a half day afternoon guide with Jeff.  Jeff needed to get his confidence back, and so he did, landing 3 nice brown in the Willowemoc, I showed Jeff how to rig a tandem with a dry fly and a dropper.  Two fish took the dropper a Green soft hackle size #10, another fish took the dry fly.  Friday was a tough day with the fish not cooperating during the morning and early afternoon, there were some spinners in the morning on the East branch, Caddis were absent, the action with Scott didn't occur till about 5 pm, on the Willowemoc. Where of all things a streamer took two nice fish.  The Bugs that were appearing as we were leaving were small olives and a few Hendricksons.  If your looking for some good Hendrickson hatches West branch and upper, mainstem.  Starting to see March Browns and large Sulphers, also some Yellow Sallies are about on the Beaverkill and Willow.  Had to reschedule todays guide trip do to the pouring rain and cold temps.  I hope conditions improve!!! 

5/16/18:  Yesterday I had Bill from Canada on the water, morning was fun two quality East branch of the Delaware Browns!  Both Brown took my brown floating nymph #18 & 14.  The afternoon was another story as we were just getting into the rising fish, when the storms hit, which ended our day.  The Morning consisted of Blue Quills and Caddis, Afternoon there were just a few Caddis with Olives making a appearance just as the storms hit.   Oh, not to say it's officially hatching but saw a few scouts of March browns and Large Sulphers #14.  Maybe another week for them, so start carrying them.  

5/15/18:  Rivers are in good shape, Mornings have been Caddis & Blue Quills. Afternoons depends on Sun, but we are seeing some Hendricksons, more caddis, Olives, on the East branch there are still some Quill Gordons.  For better Hendrickson hatches I would go to the West Branch. Spinners are plentiful with them in the mornings or evenings. Should see March browns on the Neversink soon.  

5/14/18:  So over the weekend fishing was spotty, Saturday to much Sun, Client worked and missed 6 fish, At that time of the day late afternoon they were sipping emergers on the lower Beaverkill.  Sunday I did lessons on the Willowemoc, Alex and Jenna did well fooled some trout so presentation was right on, the afternoon was damp and chilly with light rain falling, Olives were up as were the trout.  But the pair were getting chilled as they did not prepare themselves for weather.  Today Kevin and Steve scored on the East Branch of the Delaware, landing a few nice fish, bugs in the morning were Blue quills, Caddis, and Hendrickson spinners.  Later we Moved to the Beaverkill where Steve took a nice Brown on a Caddis pattern.  Dry warm days brings out the Caddis blitzes. There are some Quill Gordons around, Blue Quills and Hendrickson's, didn't see any Apple caddis, but did have a small tan caddis in the air.  Today was a beautiful day.  Photo Below:

  Sorry for some late reports, I have done so much guiding in the Catskills, that I bought a 32 ft, trailer in a seasonal campground.  Life will be better for me now.  Hendrickson spinners are strong now, Apple caddis are a steady diet in the afternoons, Dry-fly action has improved!  Blue Quills and Olives late in the day. I'm somewhat concerned this Saturday's rain could impact flows.  My go to set up lately has been a large dry fly with a size 12 green soft hackle as a dropper.  Home tonight then back up there for more guiding.  A big Thanks goes out to my wife, Jeannie who gets up early to publish the daily flows.  

5/9/18:  Yesterday guided full day Wappingers creek, My Client Cruz had a blast netting a bunch of fish.  Browns took a variety of flies, but mostly emergers, My brown floating nymph in various sizes, bubble back emergers, and cdc emergers all from a size #12 to a 20.  All rivers continue to drop, fishing is fun now!  The Wappingers was flowing about 275 cfs, clear and near 60 degrees. 

5/7/18:  Dry fly fishing improving, Clients over the Weekend catching fish on dries, from Hendricksons, Caddis and Blue Quills.  Yesterday Irene from NYC lands her first Beaverkill brown on my Brown floating nymph.  Today Tim from Rhinebeck landed some dandies using my brown floating nymph with a Green soft hackle as the dropper. Flows ranged over the weekend from 700 cfs to just over 800 cfs, water temps Great!  Overall great weekend!  Photo below.

5/15/18:  Bill from Canada with a nice East Branch of the Delaware Brown.  The Brown took a size #18 Brown floating nymph.
 5/14/18:  Kevin Miller with a nice East Branch of the Delaware Brown!  Brown took a Blue Quill emerger. 
 5/14/18:  Steve Dolce with a nice Beaverkill Brown that took a Caddis pattern.  
5/7/18:  Tim from Rhinebeck with his first Beaverkill Brown!  The brown took a Greensoft hackle size #12.
 5/5/18:  John from NYC with his first ever Beaverkill brown, took a Hendrickson cripple.
4/24/18:  Martin Craig with a nice Brown that took my #12 brown floating nymph.
4/10/18:  First Brown of the day, worked a stone and a Pheasant tail, the Pheasant tail worked!
 12/11/17:  Photo Below, Doug Mershimer with his "smallest" Rainbow caught on the Salmon river.  
  12/11/17:  Photo below, Charlie Fiske King of the Steelhead holding one of many Steelies he caught over the weekend on the Salmon River.
  11/20/17:  Top photo, Me with a nice Rainbow!

11/20/17:    Bottom photo, Charlie Fiske with his best Steelhead, We fished the salmon River, Pulaski N.Y.

  11/20/17:  Below photo:  Sunday morning on the Salmon river, Winter or Steelhead wonderland!
  10/25/17:  Photo above, Joe Heusinger with his first Willowemoc Brown trout, that took my Brown floating nymph #18.

  10/25/17:  Photo below, Myself with a feisty Brown that also took my Brown floating nymph.  Tough day of fishing with the Conditions but we didn't come up empty!  Fun day with Joe!

 10/10/17:  photo below, my last Rainbow of the day, you know lets leave the water on a high note.  The little Rainbow took a #22 cdc brown floating nymph.  The Rainbows ranged in size from 8 inches to about 12 inches.  They were feisty and a few were aerobatic!  What fun! 
  10/7/17:  Photo below, Jeff from Lower Westchester with a dandy male brown, that took my size #20 brown floating nymph.  
  9/24/17:  Photo below, John Quinius from Texas, holding his best fish of the day, the Brown took a size #22 Olive emerger!  Caught on the East branch of the Delaware.
  9/20/17:  Photo below, Bill Menear from Canada holding his best Brown of the day.  Bill Placed 8 browns in the net.  This Brown took a Size #20 beadhead pheasant tail that was a dropper off of a October caddis which was the indicator fly.  
  9/18/17:  Bob Ciabocci. from Buchanan N.Y.  holding one of his best fish of the day, the Brown took a Tan caddis emerger.
  9/17/17:  Photo below, Riley " no fish to big" holding his 18.5 inch brown he caught on the Willowemoc with his Dad Charlie.  The brown took his Rapala "silver".  Riley is way ahead of me when I was his age!  Kudo's to Riley the future fly-fisherman!
  9/13/17:  Photo below, Bob Lapointe from the Boston area, with his first ever Beaverkill trout a Rainbow, that took a size #14 caddis pupa.
  9/10/17:  Photo below,  Gene from Long Island with one of his many Rainbows caught on the Beaverkill, the Rainbow took a size #12 soft hackle that represented a October caddis emerger. 
  9/6/17:  Top photo, Brother and sister , Frank & Sarah sharing a moment with Franks Brown trout, that took a Iso emerger!

Below photo:  Sarah with her first Trout on a fly-rod, the Brown took a #12 Iso Compara dun!

  9/3/17:  Photo below, Paul from N.Y.C. holding one of the Brown trout he caught on the Beaverkill!  His first time with a fly-rod!  The Brown took a brown floating nymph #18.
  8/31/17:  Photo below, Jared with his second fish of the day, a Rainbow that took a green soft hackle.
  8/29/17:  Photo below, Chris from Westchester, holding his first Rainbow caught on a fly-rod!  The Rainbow took a yellow sallie. 
  8/29/17:  Photo below Matt Mattioli from Westchester holding his first ever trout caught on a fly rod, the Rainbow took a October caddis in the riffles. 
  8/26/17:  Photo below, Nathan holding his first ever trout caught on a fly rod.  The Brown took a size #16 beetle.
  8/15/17:  Photo below, my nephew Mace with one of his Browns, this one took a Vitreus emerger. 
  Photo below: 8/15/17, The Uncle showing Mace how it's done!  One of nine fish for me this day.  This Brown took the Yellow Sallie!  I loved my time with Mace on the water, sometimes it's hard to find time with family outside your own, specially in the guiding business. 
  8/10/17:  Photo below, Jeff from lower Westchester with his best fish of the morning, the Brown took a #16 beetle. This was lessons on the Willowemoc.
  Photo below:  8/9/17, Husband & wife David and Michelle, Michelle holding her first ever brown trout on the fly-rod.  The brown took a #20 CDC Olive emerger. 
  7/30/17:  Photo below, Jeremy of Stony Point N.Y. with his first ever Brown trout on the fly rod, the Brown took a #22 Trico spinner!  
 7/16/17:  Photo below, Husband and wife Jason and Laurie from Staten Island.  Jason holding Laurie's first ever trout on a fly rod, the fly took a Sulpher cripple.
  7/12/17:  Photo below, Emanuel holding his Sister Theresa best fish of the day, the Brown took a midge emerger #22.  Theresa was so excited about the fight of the fish.   Got to love Family moments!
  7/12/17:  Photo above, Emanuel from Long Island with his first fish of the day, the Brown took a beetle #16.

                   Photo below, Theresa, with her first fish of the day, a Brown that took my guide midge fly pattern.  

                                  I love family outings!

 7/10/17:  Photo above Marie with her first ever brown trout on a fly rod!  The brown took a #22 Griffth's gnat.

   Photo below, Father and Daughter, Marie holding Monty's fish, a Brown that took a Griffth's gnat!  You got to love these moments on the water!

  7/10/17:  Photo below, Mike from Florida holding his first ever Brown trout on a fly rod!  The Brown took a Griffth gnat #22.
  7/1/17:  Photo below, Abbas from N.Y.C, with a very nice brown trout that took a #14 beetle.  His best Trout on a fly rod!
 6/27/17:  Photo below, My daughter Steph with her best fish of the day, a very nice brown that took a BWO #20.  Willowemoc.
 6/25/17:  Photo below, Sofie holding her first Brown trout that she caught on a dry fly, #22 BWO emerger.
 6/25/17:  Photo below, Chris from Orange county N.Y. holding his best fish, a Brown that took a #22 BWO parachute.
 Photo Below:  6/10/17, Matt took this Nice Upper Beaverkill brown on a #14 Cornuta "BWO".
 6/3/17:  Photo below, Tom from Connecticut holding a very nice brown that took a Green Drake emerger.  This was on the Beaverkill.
 5/28/17:  Photo below 13 year old Kieran from Long Island with his first ever Brown on a fly rod.  Also he wins the Family bet where to eat!
 5/26/17:  Photo below, Mark from Salt Point releasing his first Brown of the afternoon, the Brown took a size 12 brown floating nymph on the swing!
 5/24/17:  Photo below, good friend Dick Smith with a nice Brown trout, that took his March Brown.  Dick likes to use his Echo 4 wt, fiberglass on the Willowemoc!
 5/22/17:  Photo below, Dean Avery with his best fish of the day!  The brown trout took my #12 Brown floating nymph.
 5/21/17:  Photo below, Jason Larson with his best fish brown trout of the day.  The Brown took a March brown emerger.  One of three fish he landed!  This was a full day of lessons.
 5/20/17:, Photo below, Jeff from N.J. with his best fish of the day!  The brown took a March brown emerger.
 5/17/17:  Photo below, Harry Sr. carefully removing a fly from a nifty brookie!  The brookie took a #16 brown Wulff.
 5/12/17:  Photo below, Phil and his son Colt, sharing a moment with a nice Willowemoc Brown that took a #18 BWO.
 5/11/17:  Photo below, Phil from Texas with his first ever Beaverkill Brown, that took my Brown floating nymph size #12.


Blue Quills
Quill gordons
March Browns
Gray Fox

Golden Stonefly


Apple Caddis
Tan Caddis
Little sister Sedge
Blue Sedge


BH Pheasant tails
BH Hares ear
Copper Johns
Cased Caddis
Caddis Larve
BH Caddis pupa's
Zebra midge