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Fish-Camp is my time with friends and guest. 
Where lessons are learned, laughter a must. Tears of pain when the big one comes off.  And the tales get bigger each year!
  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
                        This will be a daily report


Blue Quills
Quill Gordons
March brownss
Gray Fox

Dark blue sedge
Lil sister sedge

stones, Golden and black



Black stones #2-4
Goldenstones #12 -10?
Pheasant tails 20-12
Haresear's #14 -10's
Prince nymphs
Art flicks Iso nymph
Copper Johns
B.H. Caddis larve-
In different colors #16 -12

                  2022 Fishing Report
             January 1, 2022, 9:00 AM

Beaverkill,    1180 cfs   51.0  degrees limited

Willowemoc,   309 cfs  50.3 degrees wade

East branch   1170 cfs  48.7 degrees limited

West branch  2700 cfs 53.9 degrees float
"Hale eddy"

Mainstem       6130 cfs 52.3 degrees high

Neversink       769 cfs 54.1 degrees high

Esopus         1280 cfs  52.3 degrees high

Wappinger      690  cfs     N/A    high

Housatonic    3820 cfs     N/A   high

Farmington    3273 cfs     N/A   high

Bug's -  Cahill's, Iso's, Tan caddis, Olives, Cinnamon caddis, October caddis, hebe's,


1/18/22:  With mixed emotions I am retiring Trout-Whispers.com.  This website was a joy to me and I hope for you. I hope you found it a useful tool in the world of fly-fishing. Owning the Fly-Shop Trout Town Flies in Roscoe N.Y. I am putting more energy into the Website TroutTownFlies.com.  I feel bad not spending the time in the Hudson Valley giving you fishing reports both Hudson Valley and Connecticut but my journey has taken me to the Catskill's. To follow me now go to TroutTownFlies.com. where you will still get accurate reports of the Catskill rivers.  I thank you for many years of following Trout-Whispers.com my first website and I hope you continue following me through TroutTownFlies.com, where you will still get a honest report of the rivers I fish. When in Roscoe come visit me during the season and say hello.

Thank you,  Joe Rist- NYS guide and Shop owner of Trout Town Flies.

Exciting news!  I now own Trout Town Flies, LLC "formerly Catskill Flies" in Roscoe, New York, as most of you know I managed Catskill Flies last year and have been a guide there for many years.  While the name will change, our staff will return with the same philosophy and service provided in the past.  We will still tie the flies that Dennis did, as well as a few of our own. If you have any questions, please email me at flyshop@TroutTownFlies.com.  or Call the shop at 607-290-4107.  I am in the process of building a website for the store which is coming soon.

Updated Links page, now you can find daily weather reports for the destination you choose for fishing!

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7/28/21: Delaware float trip Nice Brown, Iso took this fish, as Jack approves.
7/28/21: Delaware Float trip with my friend Jim Yeager, nice Bow to a Iso Parachute.
7/27/21: Beautiful East branch Brookie!   
7/27/21:  Grace with her first brown on a beetle pattern.
7/27/21:  My passion is to teach and offer my knowledge to be passed on.
6/25/21:  Few pictures below are of the woman Free fly-fishing clinic sponsored by my flyshop. Huge success as a few ladies landed fish, some did long distanced releases but all had fish eat their flies as they had the presentations down.
6/24/21:  Pippa holding her first Trout on the fly-rod. The brown ate a BWO on the Willowemoc.
6/23/21:  Brenden Ryder with one of his many Browns caught on the Willowemoc!  Cahill's were the ticket. This was his first time fly-fishing.
5/1/21:  Jim Corless with a nice West branch brown!
5/26/21:  83 year old Dan Coco with a nice Beaverkill Brown.
5/25/21:  Mike from Washington ST. with a nice Beaverkill brown.
5/21/21: Jessie from N.J. with his first Brown trout on a fly-rod, the Brown took a March brown emerger.  On the Willowemoc.
5/18/21:  My friend Vinny with his best Beaverkill Brown, The Brown took a Olive emerger.
5/8/21:  Brian from Garrison N.Y. with is first ever Beaverkill Rainbow. The bow took a Olive Bugger. 
4/26/21:  Good Friend tony Haskell With a beautiful rainbow. I like the hat!
4/24/21:  Closed the shop late last night, got to the water about 6pm, Caddis coming off, tied on a pupa for Apple Caddis and bingo, last fish caught at 7:15pm.
4/24/21:  Our guide Chris, his Client with a nice Rainbow that ate a Hendrickson.


Tan caddis
October caddis

Pheasant tails
Hares ear
March brown nymph
Copper Johns
Caddis larve
Golden, Black, brown