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Fish-Camp is my time with friends and guest. 
Where lessons are learned, laughter a must. Tears of pain when the big one comes off.  And the tales get bigger each year!
  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
                        This will be a daily report

Updated Links page, now you can find daily weather reports for the destination you choose for fishing!

The 2018 Fly-Fishing Season

"Done for the Season"
"Flow's subject to change based on Mother nature" 
New York:

Wappingers Creek   341 cfs  Unavailable limited
       "Closed from Pleasant Valley Dam Up"
Ten Mile                      Closed

Beaverkill          745 cfs     42.0 degrees limited
         "Closed from Rt.206 Up-stream"
East Branch       1050 cfs    42.2 degrees  float  
"Harvard"  Closed Shinhopple up-stream"                   

West Branch       2060 cfs   51.2  degrees float
 "Hale Eddy"   "Closed above Gamelands"             

Delaware           4980 cfs   46.5 degrees  float
Neversink            "Closed"

 "Cornwall"          1740 cfs     Unavailable wade

Farmington          652 cfs     Unavailable  limited

Weather:  For Weather check my links page for up to date reports. 

Best Bet:  East branch of Croton, lower Wappingers, Housatonic, Beaverkill.        

Bugs:  Olives


12/1/18:  Wishing all my Angling friends the Best during the Holiday season!  My very Best to you and your Families.  Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

10/31/18:  Well my season is over!  Starting tomorrow my reports will end till next season 2019.  So it's officially tying season now, some hunting and hiking.  This was a year of rain!!!  Never seen so much of it in the rivers I guide.  In all honesty it made me a better guide to have to adapt to the conditions.  I learned and ventured off to new streams that were a joy to fish. This was another year of meeting old friends on the water and meeting new people who I taught the sport I love.  A huge Thank you to all of you for allowing me to show you waters I love to fish. I will miss the visits from you at the fly shop, helping you all out on where to fish and what flies to use.  I will Even miss Drew and the blueberry muffins.  Some of my clients have been with me for years  and I thank you sincerely.  So over the winter check my website, I will add at times new flies and a article or two, I will also keep you abreast of my wanderings.  So till next Spring have a good winter and dream of big fish!

  Dennis Skarka Passes away untimely. 

2/14/19:  It is with Great sadness that I announce the Passing of Dennis skarka owner of the Flyshop Catskill flies.  Do to the unforeseen death I will be managing the Flyshop and preparing it for this up-coming season along with the staff that was there last year, Rizz and Andre  So be patient with me with my own website as I go back and forth. Dennis was a mentor to me as he brought me to the next level of guiding, But mostly he was my friend who introduced me to Grouse hunting.  Those who knew him knew his personality, But I can tell you Dennis had the heart of gold.   I will miss him and his wisdom.  So the spirit of Catskill flies will continue and the shop will be open regularly March 15th.   
 10/13/18:  Max from N.J. with his first ever Brown on a fly-rod, the Brown took a black muddler on his first or second cast.  
 10/7/18:  Fall in the Catskills, photo taken yesterday morning at Hazel Bridge on the Willowemoc.  Absolutely Beautiful! 
 10/7/18:  Bill from Toronto Canada looking down at a Wild Rainbow caught in the Beaverkill, the Rainbow sipped my Brown floating nymph! 
 10/6/18:  Rich from Philly with his first ever Beaverkill Rainbow.  The Rainbow took a October caddis soft hackle. 
10/5/18:  Photo below, Brady and Stephanie from Washington D.C. with Brady's first ever Beaverkill Trout on a Fly-rod!  The Brown took a size #18 BWO. 
 10/2/18:  Steve from Westchester, first ever Beaverkill Bow, took a Black ghost streamer #6
 9/17/18:  Photo's above and Below,  My time fishing, two pretty fish caught up in the Upper Willowemoc, the Browns all took a orange stimulator, the Brookies loved the Royal Coachmen #16. Sunset was awesome with purples and reds!
 9/15/18:  Nostalgic afternoon for me using my Bamboo rod!  Took a few Browns on the Willowemoc in the afternoon, they took a CDC Tan caddis emerger #14.  I love fishing soft rods, weather it's Bamboo or Fiberglass!
  9/15/18:  Kendall from NYC with his first ever Brown trout caught on a fly-rod!  The Brown took a Royal coachman. 
 9/4/18:  Amanda from NYC,  with her first Beaverkill Brown caught on a fly-rod. The Brown took a BWO parachute #20. 
 9/3/18:  Kyle from NYC with his first ever Brown caught on a Fly-rod.  The Brown took a foam beetle size #14.
 9/1/18:  Top photo, Fred from Kentucky, his first ever Beaverkill Rainbow!  The Rainbow took a Iso compara dun.

Bottom photo:  The Iso's migrating to the rocks and Hatching, Water and air temps cooled down enough overnight. 
 8/30/18:  John from NYC with his first ever Brown trout caught on a fly-rod!  The brown took a size #14 bettle.
8/29/18:  Father and Son, Tim and Paul on a full day guide trip, Tim with the Best fish of the day, the Brown took a #14 Beetle. 
 8/27/18:  Everybody appreciates photo's of big fish, But as a Guide it's the first one ever caught on a Fly-rod!  This is Aaron from Brooklyn and his Brown ate a Tan caddis #16! His first ever!
 8/19/18:  Top and Bottom Photo's:   Fun day with Brookies with Jeff and Gabe Father and son in the Catskills for lessons.  While everyone is waiting for the lower rivers to clear, I have found fish for my clients!
 8/19/18:  One of the many Brooks in the Catskills that holds a Greenback!  Get out and Explore!
 8/13/18:  Photo above and below, Another gem of a trib to the Perpacton, where there was plenty of nifty Rainbows to be caught.  Stimulator made choice of fly easy!  When there is high water elsewhere, look for small brooks to fish!  
 8/12/18:  Top and bottom photo's- When the big rivers are swollen and off color, it pays to look for small brooks in the Mountains.  Here I had fun with small Brookies and colorful Browns.
 8/1/18:  Chris from L.I. with his best fish of the morning!  The Brown took a size #14 beetle.
 7/24/18:  Pouring out on the East branch with fog rolling in, A soft rod is an excellent choice for swinging soft hackles and nymphs!  The next two photo's go along with this topic of soft hackles. 
 7/24/18:  I will swing one fly to three flies in a tandem, soft hackles to nymphs.  Last night it was the Orange and Partridge and a size #20 BH Pheasant tail.  Two nights ago it was the Caddis nymph.  Sometimes you need to experiment with different flies.
 7/24/18:  The rewards of being versatile when fly-fishing, you can catch fish when conditions stink.  Many littles guys makes for a entertaining night!
 7/15/18:  Upper photo Jim from Maryland, with a nice West branch Brown, The Brown took a size #12 Cahill.

7/15/18:  Bottom photo, Jim's son Colby with his first West Branch Brown, again the Brown took a Cahill, size #12. 

 7/14/18:  Mike from NYC, with his first ever West branch of the Delaware Brown. The Brown took a Cahill parachute. 
 7/13/18:  Second Brookie of the year taken in the East branch of the Delaware, the Brookie took a size #22 brown floating nymph. 

   Bottom photo, fishing frog water, this nice Brown took the size #22 brown floating nymph on 7X tippet, it is the reason I love my 4 wt. fiberglass rod, it has such good forgiveness on fine tippet!

 7/13/18:  Summertime means Family time, I have seen these two rascals grow into the fishing world with their dad Charlie, Kelsey and Riley with two nice Large Mouth Bass!  Spend some time with Kids they are our future!  Check out Riley's Hat, a young man with class, it's the reason he out fishes his Dad!  It's all about the hat!
 7/8/18:  Jeff from Westchester, best Brown of four, the Browns took a size #14 beetle.  
 7/8/18:  Top photo, Jeff from Westchester with his best fish of the day, the Brown was very aerobatic and gave us joy as he jumped, East branch of the Delaware, took a size #20 sulpher.

Bottom photo, Blake at the Beaverkill Valley Inn, with his best Brown, the Brown took a size #14 beetle. 

 7/7/18:  The new rule fish, the only fish I landed over 12 inches, this brown a stocked fish on the East was 15 inches!  The Brown took a sulpher cripple. 
 7/3/18:  Best Brown on my 4 wt, fiberglass rod, 20 inches, the Brown took a Sulpher cripple in very slow water. I took 2 other fish also.  Great night on the EB. 
 7/3/18:  Is this the Ghost of Theodore Gordon?  No just Andre in the Fog!  Fishing the East branch!
 7/1/18:  Unusual catch on the East branch of the Delaware, a Brookie that took a CDC Sulpher emerger #16.  
 6/29/18:  A very Pretty East branch of the Delaware Brown, used my 4 wt, fiberglass, took a size #14 sulpher!
  6/29/18:  Sonia from NYC, with her first and best fish of the day, a Beaverkill brown that took a Yellow stimulator.
 6/28/18:  Unusual night on the East branch of the Delaware, where I caught more Rainbows than Browns.  4 to 2, All fish took my Brown floating nymph size #18.  Love my 4 wt Glass rod!
 6/23/18:  My best Brown taken on a Fiberglass rod, 4 wt, 8' 6", Taken on the East branch of the Delaware, the Brown took a sulpher cripple #18.
 6/23/18:  Steve Greer from California with his best fish of the morning, the Brown took a #20 Olive Parachute.
 6/20/18:  Andre netted a very nice East branch Rainbow, took a Green Drake.
 6/15/18:  Top photo, Brown drake spinner, a rare occasion for me to fish.

Bottom Photo:  First Brown 12/13 inches, that took a Brown Drake last chance cripple.  Took a few more biggest being about 16/17 inches

 6/10/18:  Best fish of the Day on the Beaverkill goes to David Pring, the Brown took a size #14 Olive.  
 6/8/18:  Fishing with my Friend Andre on the East Branch, The Brown took a Sulpher, And this Brown was the Andre's smallest, he caught a nice 18/ 19 inch Brown just at Dark.  We also got a few Bows to. Fun night!
 6/8/18:  John from Connecticut with his best West Branch Brown, the Brown took a Sulpher emerger.
 6/2/18:  Father and Son on the Beaverkill!  The Dillon's had a Great day landing 8 or 9 fish, mostly Brown 's and one feisty Rainbow.  Most fish took a Green soft hackle, But Dad's nice fish took a Orange and Partridge.  A few fish took a March Brown pattern.
 5/30/18:  Gary from N.J. second day with me, with a nice Beaverkill Brown swinging soft hackles on a bright sunny day.  Gary had a 15 fish day! 
 5/29/18:  Gary from N.J, with one of his 6 browns caught this afternoon on the Beaverkill.  Browns took a size #10 March brown Parachute.  One Brown took a strap of soft hackles in fast water.  Fun day!
 5/27/18:  Top and bottom photo,  A guides Pickle, who fish do you net first?  Mike and Mike with duel hook ups.  Both fish took a size #12 Ausable wulff.  Both buddies took two fish each out for lessons!
 5/27/18:  The start of Great memories!  Father and Son sharing a moment with a very nice Brown.  The Brown took a size #12 Ausable wulff, on the Beaverkill.  I love these moments!
5/15/18:  Bill from Canada with a nice East Branch of the Delaware Brown.  The Brown took a size #18 Brown floating nymph.
 5/14/18:  Kevin Miller with a nice East Branch of the Delaware Brown!  Brown took a Blue Quill emerger. 
 5/14/18:  Steve Dolce with a nice Beaverkill Brown that took a Caddis pattern.  
5/7/18:  Tim from Rhinebeck with his first Beaverkill Brown!  The brown took a Greensoft hackle size #12.
 5/5/18:  John from NYC with his first ever Beaverkill brown, took a Hendrickson cripple.
4/24/18:  Martin Craig with a nice Brown that took my #12 brown floating nymph.


Black/ Brown stones
Quill Gordon's
Blue Quills



Winterstones, #16/14
Black stones #2-4
Pheasant tails 20-12
Haresear's #14 -10's
B.H. Caddis larve,