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  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
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The 2018 Fly-Fishing Season

July 18, 2018  6:30 AM
"Flow's subject to change based on Mother nature" 
New York:

Wappingers Creek   66.2 cfs    Unavailable Low/warm
Ten Mile             47.0 cfs      Unavailable      low/warm

Beaverkill             94.0 cfs     68.0 degrees   low/warm       
East Branch        173 cfs    57.5 degrees    wade 

West Branch      419 cfs   47.6 degrees     wade
 "Hale Eddy"              

Delaware           775 cfs   66.5  degrees  wade
Neversink           136 cfs    60.2 degrees   wade

 "Cornwall"           423 cfs     Unavailable   low/warm

Farmington          220 cfs     Unavailable   wade

Weather:  For Weather check my links page for up to date reports. 

Best Bet:   Farmington, East branch & West branch of the Delaware.

Bugs:  Sulphers, Olives, Iso's, Cahill's, Tan caddis, Gray Caddis.  


7/18/18:  Worked the shop yesterday, nice break after a string of guide trips, tied Egg laying brown caddis size #18's.  We didn't get the rain that was predicted, as some streams received some it is still not enough.   Rivers and streams remain low and checking the temps remain critical.  Sulphers, Iso's Cahills are the main bugs on the tailwaters, along with Olives.  Freestones, Sulphers and I see the start of Trico's on some.  In the shop today and tomorrow, back on the water starting Friday.  

7/17/18:  Had a full day yesterday with Craig from Australia, Little bit of a tougher day than the last two.  West branch did a release Sunday night, chilled the river down some, Upper West wasn't as productive. some fish were rising but not steady, few bugs, made a move to mid-West branch, had better targets, some bugs, mostly Sulphers, Craig landed two fish, Browns, and missed some.  Wind came up by 5 PM, called it quits by 6PM, tough day. 

7/16/18:  Had a full day guide yesterday with Jim and his Son and Son inlaw, Colby and Eric.  Fun day everyone caught fish in the West branch, there were plenty of Sulphers, Vitreus, and Cahills, Some Trout caught took Cahills, Others took sulpher emergers.  Green slop still around but I have seen worse.  There was some humidity yesterday so fog came in at times.  Water temp in the upper West was about 50 degrees.  This day though the bugs didn't get going till about 2 pm, lasted till 5 pm, by then we were off the water. Photo below:

7/15/18:  Received some rain last night, bumped up the streams ever so slightly.  showers off and on today.  Should be a good day of fishing if we get no sun.  Guiding again full day.  Still freestones remain warm, as is Tailwaters in their lower sections. 

7/14/18:  PM report, guided two Brothers today on the West branch of the Delaware, Mike and Matt, both new to the fly world.  Plenty of bugs today from 1 PM to 5 PM, Sulphers, Vitreus, Iso's, Cahills, Both Brothers landed fish, all Browns, Mike has Bragging rights to best fish.  Cahills patterns today placed fish in the net.   Photo Below:

7/14/18:  Fished last night on the EB, Challenged myself in some frog water, "slow"  did Ok, couldn't get the beast that was cruising around but did get a couple of fun fish on the 4 WT.  One that I did catch was up in quicker water, and it was the second brookie of the year that I caught!  It took a size #22 brown floating nymph.   I fished with my friend Bamboo Andre, he also added to the fish count by placing a few in the net.  Bugs on the water were Sulphers, Olives, some Iso's.  The fly that worked well for me was my Brown floating nymph #22, which took the best fish, a experimental sulpher pattern also took a nice fish.  We fished from 3 pm to about 8:15 PM, Comfortable day!  Photo below:

7/13/18:  Looking ahead, not much rain in the forcast, maybe a shower Saturday in the Catskills but the Hudson Valley may not see rain till Tuesday. Streams and Rivers remain low.  Checked on the Esopus it is flowing at 262 cfs and water temp is 57.0 degrees this morning this might be a good option.  The Farmington is also at a good flow this you might also consider to fish.  Ten mile and Wappingers are at a critical level now and should be avoided.   This is a good time to venture out to fish for other types of fish, Smallmouth bass, Carp, or just take some kids bluegill fishing.  Anyhow the only fishing now for trout is Tailwaters.  Photo below:

 7/15/18:  Upper photo Jim from Maryland, with a nice West branch Brown, The Brown took a size #12 Cahill.

7/15/18:  Bottom photo, Jim's son Colby with his first West Branch Brown, again the Brown took a Cahill, size #12. 

 7/14/18:  Mike from NYC, with his first ever West branch of the Delaware Brown. The Brown took a Cahill parachute. 
 7/13/18:  Second Brookie of the year taken in the East branch of the Delaware, the Brookie took a size #22 brown floating nymph. 

   Bottom photo, fishing frog water, this nice Brown took the size #22 brown floating nymph on 7X tippet, it is the reason I love my 4 wt. fiberglass rod, it has such good forgiveness on fine tippet!

 7/13/18:  Summertime means Family time, I have seen these two rascals grow into the fishing world with their dad Charlie, Kelsey and Riley with two nice Large Mouth Bass!  Spend some time with Kids they are our future!  Check out Riley's Hat, a young man with class, it's the reason he out fishes his Dad!  It's all about the hat!
 7/8/18:  Jeff from Westchester, best Brown of four, the Browns took a size #14 beetle.  
 7/8/18:  Top photo, Jeff from Westchester with his best fish of the day, the Brown was very aerobatic and gave us joy as he jumped, East branch of the Delaware, took a size #20 sulpher.

Bottom photo, Blake at the Beaverkill Valley Inn, with his best Brown, the Brown took a size #14 beetle. 

 7/7/18:  The new rule fish, the only fish I landed over 12 inches, this brown a stocked fish on the East was 15 inches!  The Brown took a sulpher cripple. 
 7/3/18:  Best Brown on my 4 wt, fiberglass rod, 20 inches, the Brown took a Sulpher cripple in very slow water. I took 2 other fish also.  Great night on the EB. 
 7/3/18:  Is this the Ghost of Theodore Gordon?  No just Andre in the Fog!  Fishing the East branch!
 7/1/18:  Unusual catch on the East branch of the Delaware, a Brookie that took a CDC Sulpher emerger #16.  
 6/29/18:  A very Pretty East branch of the Delaware Brown, used my 4 wt, fiberglass, took a size #14 sulpher!
  6/29/18:  Sonia from NYC, with her first and best fish of the day, a Beaverkill brown that took a Yellow stimulator.
 6/28/18:  Unusual night on the East branch of the Delaware, where I caught more Rainbows than Browns.  4 to 2, All fish took my Brown floating nymph size #18.  Love my 4 wt Glass rod!
 6/23/18:  My best Brown taken on a Fiberglass rod, 4 wt, 8' 6", Taken on the East branch of the Delaware, the Brown took a sulpher cripple #18.
 6/23/18:  Steve Greer from California with his best fish of the morning, the Brown took a #20 Olive Parachute.
 6/20/18:  Andre netted a very nice East branch Rainbow, took a Green Drake.
 6/15/18:  Top photo, Brown drake spinner, a rare occasion for me to fish.

Bottom Photo:  First Brown 12/13 inches, that took a Brown Drake last chance cripple.  Took a few more biggest being about 16/17 inches

 6/11/18:  John from Canada using his 5 wt, fiberglass rod, landed his first Beaverkill Brown on a Sulpher cripple. 
 6/10/18:  Best fish of the Day on the Beaverkill goes to David Pring, the Brown took a size #14 Olive.  
 6/8/18:  Fishing with my Friend Andre on the East Branch, The Brown took a Sulpher, And this Brown was the Andre's smallest, he caught a nice 18/ 19 inch Brown just at Dark.  We also got a few Bows to. Fun night!
 6/8/18:  John from Connecticut with his best West Branch Brown, the Brown took a Sulpher emerger.
 6/2/18:  Father and Son on the Beaverkill!  The Dillon's had a Great day landing 8 or 9 fish, mostly Brown 's and one feisty Rainbow.  Most fish took a Green soft hackle, But Dad's nice fish took a Orange and Partridge.  A few fish took a March Brown pattern.
 5/30/18:  Gary from N.J. second day with me, with a nice Beaverkill Brown swinging soft hackles on a bright sunny day.  Gary had a 15 fish day! 
 5/29/18:  Gary from N.J, with one of his 6 browns caught this afternoon on the Beaverkill.  Browns took a size #10 March brown Parachute.  One Brown took a strap of soft hackles in fast water.  Fun day!
 5/27/18:  Top and bottom photo,  A guides Pickle, who fish do you net first?  Mike and Mike with duel hook ups.  Both fish took a size #12 Ausable wulff.  Both buddies took two fish each out for lessons!
 5/27/18:  The start of Great memories!  Father and Son sharing a moment with a very nice Brown.  The Brown took a size #12 Ausable wulff, on the Beaverkill.  I love these moments!
5/15/18:  Bill from Canada with a nice East Branch of the Delaware Brown.  The Brown took a size #18 Brown floating nymph.
 5/14/18:  Kevin Miller with a nice East Branch of the Delaware Brown!  Brown took a Blue Quill emerger. 
 5/14/18:  Steve Dolce with a nice Beaverkill Brown that took a Caddis pattern.  
5/7/18:  Tim from Rhinebeck with his first Beaverkill Brown!  The brown took a Greensoft hackle size #12.
 5/5/18:  John from NYC with his first ever Beaverkill brown, took a Hendrickson cripple.
4/24/18:  Martin Craig with a nice Brown that took my #12 brown floating nymph.
4/10/18:  First Brown of the day, worked a stone and a Pheasant tail, the Pheasant tail worked!
 12/11/17:  Photo Below, Doug Mershimer with his "smallest" Rainbow caught on the Salmon river.  
  12/11/17:  Photo below, Charlie Fiske King of the Steelhead holding one of many Steelies he caught over the weekend on the Salmon River.
  11/20/17:  Top photo, Me with a nice Rainbow!

11/20/17:    Bottom photo, Charlie Fiske with his best Steelhead, We fished the salmon River, Pulaski N.Y.

  11/20/17:  Below photo:  Sunday morning on the Salmon river, Winter or Steelhead wonderland!
  10/25/17:  Photo above, Joe Heusinger with his first Willowemoc Brown trout, that took my Brown floating nymph #18.

  10/25/17:  Photo below, Myself with a feisty Brown that also took my Brown floating nymph.  Tough day of fishing with the Conditions but we didn't come up empty!  Fun day with Joe!

 10/10/17:  photo below, my last Rainbow of the day, you know lets leave the water on a high note.  The little Rainbow took a #22 cdc brown floating nymph.  The Rainbows ranged in size from 8 inches to about 12 inches.  They were feisty and a few were aerobatic!  What fun! 
  10/7/17:  Photo below, Jeff from Lower Westchester with a dandy male brown, that took my size #20 brown floating nymph.  
  9/24/17:  Photo below, John Quinius from Texas, holding his best fish of the day, the Brown took a size #22 Olive emerger!  Caught on the East branch of the Delaware.
  9/20/17:  Photo below, Bill Menear from Canada holding his best Brown of the day.  Bill Placed 8 browns in the net.  This Brown took a Size #20 beadhead pheasant tail that was a dropper off of a October caddis which was the indicator fly.  
  9/18/17:  Bob Ciabocci. from Buchanan N.Y.  holding one of his best fish of the day, the Brown took a Tan caddis emerger.
  9/17/17:  Photo below, Riley " no fish to big" holding his 18.5 inch brown he caught on the Willowemoc with his Dad Charlie.  The brown took his Rapala "silver".  Riley is way ahead of me when I was his age!  Kudo's to Riley the future fly-fisherman!
  9/13/17:  Photo below, Bob Lapointe from the Boston area, with his first ever Beaverkill trout a Rainbow, that took a size #14 caddis pupa.
  9/10/17:  Photo below,  Gene from Long Island with one of his many Rainbows caught on the Beaverkill, the Rainbow took a size #12 soft hackle that represented a October caddis emerger. 
  9/6/17:  Top photo, Brother and sister , Frank & Sarah sharing a moment with Franks Brown trout, that took a Iso emerger!

Below photo:  Sarah with her first Trout on a fly-rod, the Brown took a #12 Iso Compara dun!




Tan Caddis


 Pheasant tails
Hares ear
Copper Johns
Cased Caddis
Caddis Larve
BH Caddis pupa's
Zebra midge
Prince nymphs
Zug bugs