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  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
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Blue Quills
Quill Gordons
March brownss
Gray Fox

Dark blue sedge
Lil sister sedge

stones, Golden and black



Black stones #2-4
Goldenstones #12 -10?
Pheasant tails 20-12
Haresear's #14 -10's
Prince nymphs
Art flicks Iso nymph
Copper Johns
B.H. Caddis larve-
In different colors #16 -12

                  2021 Fishing Report
             October 31, 2021, 6:45 AM

Beaverkill,    1180 cfs   51.0  degrees limited

Willowemoc,   309 cfs  50.3 degrees wade

East branch   1170 cfs  48.7 degrees limited

West branch  2700 cfs 53.9 degrees float
"Hale eddy"

Mainstem       6130 cfs 52.3 degrees high

Neversink       769 cfs 54.1 degrees high

Esopus         1280 cfs  52.3 degrees high

Wappinger      690  cfs     N/A    high

Housatonic    3820 cfs     N/A   high

Farmington    3273 cfs     N/A   high

Bug's -  Cahill's, Iso's, Tan caddis, Olives, Cinnamon caddis, October caddis, hebe's,


10/31/21:  Last report for the season, closed up the Camper at Butternut, Shop hours are now Thursday to Sunday 9am to 4pm. Rivers are still high or limited in wade. Willowemoc is doable for wading. Tossing streamers seem productive now, Olives are about but dry fly action slow. A friend fished a small brook  with brookies the pictures he showed me looks as if the Brookies are spawned out very thin, so that means Redds are about and be-careful not to step in them as they are our future.  I want to thank everyone who viewed my website and those who came to my fly-shop and supported me. Till next year, Joe

10/30/21:  Rain fell overnight with strong winds overnight, rivers remain the same, although more rain showers are predicted this afternoon. Willowemoc is doable  and Beaverkill is very limited. Today the high will be near 58 degrees, cloudy early followed by rain showers, winds SE 10-20 mph. Not what i want to see at the end of October, so much rain! 

10/29/21:  Freestones are dropping slowly, Tailwaters are rising slowly on the Tailwaters, East and West branch and Neversink they reduced the flows as the heavy rains came, now that they are gone they are slowly increasing the rivers to make room for winter run-off. Beaverkill remains high and willowemoc another day or two should be fishable.  Right now floating is the answer and tossing streamers. I usually recommend small streams and tribs and fish are spawning in them. We want to protect the redds for our future. Today in the Catskills the high will be near 51 degrees partly cloudy skies in the morning then a few passing showers in the afternoon, winds ESE 10-20 mph.  Still some color in the Mountains, leaves are slowly falling need a good frost to bring down the rest.  Received some fly tying materials while I was away yesterday placed them on the shops wall, might be the thing to do this weekend.

10/28/21:  Well I got off the Red eye yesterday from Vegas, Celebrated my Moms 86 birthday, and caught up on my sleep last night. Heading back to the shop this morning and catch up on work. I missed the heavy rains and had my trailer evacuated now it's back in place for a few more days then wind up the season. There are some area's to fish, small streams, head waters of the Tailwaters are doable. Olives are the ticket. Just remember small streams are spawning grounds and watch for Redds.  It's good to be back.

10/23/21:  Tomorrow my wife Jeannie and I are celebrating our 40 anniversary, I am going to be away till Thursday.  The shop will be open and Andre with Young Joe will run the shop, there will be no River Reports while I'm away, Happy wife Happy Life, and no I'm not bringing any fly-rods.  If you have any questions about the Rivers, conditions or fishing just call the shop. Reports will start when I get back. Today the rivers are in good shape, fishing seems to be slowly down, the window of opportunity seems to be 3pm to 5 pm. Olives, some caddis, maybe a Cahill. Nymphing seems to be more productive now small Pheasant tails, Prince nymphs. Today the high will be near 52 degrees, cloudy skies with a few afternoon showers, WNW wind 5-10 mph, looking at next week, Tuesday looks wet, maybe a half inch of rain, Wednesday wet but not as much. Temps look like in the upper 50's. 

10/22/21:  Rain overnight and did not effect the rivers, they are still in good shape, Getting cooler now as I hear mice at night, "trap time".  Fished last night and was disappointed, couldn't figure out the puzzle to a few rising fish. There were Olives on the water, some caddis, plus a few Spinners. But that's fishing the Beaverkill. Today's high will be near 53 degrees, cloudy, winds WNW 5-10 mph in the Catskill's.

10/21/21:  Rivers basically unchanged, Freestones been dopping 30-50 cfs a day. Best wading rivers Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Neversink, Esopus and Wappingers.  Today the high in the Catskill's will be near 69 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, with a SSW wind 10-15 mph. The best hatches now are the Maples and Birch leaves, but olives are still the ticket.

10/20/21:  Taking today off at home leaves and gutters plus some mowing. Shop is open as young Joe is there. Rivers are in good shape my friend Tim fished last night on the Beaverkill and did well using a September peach which he placed a few browns in the net. Today the high will be near 69 degrees Sun and Clouds with a WNW wind 10-15 mph.

10/19/21:  Yesterday was wet, cold and windy just plain out raw, yup went fishing after locking up. Willowemoc had some rising fish, Andre and I gave it our best and my best fooled a nice stocked Brown that ate my brown floating nymph. Missed two more but that's fishing. My hands were getting cold after releasing the first fish, so when Andre mentioned time for supper I didn't balk. 42 degrees when we left. Nothing much has change on the rivers, wading good on Beaverkill, Willowemoc and Neversink. Esopus is in good shape also. the East and West branches best to float. Today 61 degrees, partly cloudy with a WNW wind 10-20 mph.

10/18/21:  The Catskill's are past peak, still some good color and they are still holding a lot of leaves, once we get a good frost they will drop hard and make fishing frustrating. Rivers are in good shape East and West branches best to float. Olives are the main ticket now, streamer bite is on and if your nymphing try a tandem rig with a soft hackle of wet fly as the top fly. Today will be raw, considerable cloudiness with occasional showers high 47 degrees, with a NW wind 10-20 mph.  Remember NYS regulations have changed Oct 16- thru March 31st 2022, all year fishing in Trout rivers, Catch and release only and no live bait, artificial lure only. 

10/17/21:  Mother nature was spot on yesterday, the afternoon was miserable. Poured and was windy. Rivers rose somewhat but not a wash, Beaverkill and Willowemoc fishable as is the Neversink and Esopus. East and West branches best to float. Today maybe a good streamer day. Today's weather the high 52 degrees, mostly cloudy then some showers for the afternoon. Winds WNW 5-10 mph. Remember the new Regulations started yesterday, Catch and Release, artificial lure only, no live bait in any NYS stream until April 1st of 2022.

10/16/21:  Today starts the new Regulations for the season, 10/16/21-3/31/22 on all NYS streams catch and release, Artificial lures only, "NO live Bait"!  Streams are in good shape More so the Willowemoc, Beaverkill and Neversink. It's been a while but this year the Wappinger creek didn't go under a 100 CFS. Hopefully the Wappingers rebounds. Olives are the ticket now, seeing some Caddis mostly tan #16, Still carry a assortment of spinners.  I fished last night on the Willow, fooled some fish on a #24 Olive emerger. Today in the Catskill's showers early with developing thunderstorms in the afternoon, strong South winds 10-20 mph. Great day to guide!

Exciting news!  I now own Trout Town Flies, LLC "formerly Catskill Flies" in Roscoe, New York, as most of you know I managed Catskill Flies last year and have been a guide there for many years.  While the name will change, our staff will return with the same philosophy and service provided in the past.  We will still tie the flies that Dennis did, as well as a few of our own. If you have any questions, please email me at flyshop@TroutTownFlies.com.  or Call the shop at 607-290-4107.  I am in the process of building a website for the store which is coming soon.

Updated Links page, now you can find daily weather reports for the destination you choose for fishing!

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7/28/21: Delaware float trip Nice Brown, Iso took this fish, as Jack approves.
7/28/21: Delaware Float trip with my friend Jim Yeager, nice Bow to a Iso Parachute.
7/27/21: Beautiful East branch Brookie!   
7/27/21:  Grace with her first brown on a beetle pattern.
7/27/21:  My passion is to teach and offer my knowledge to be passed on.
6/25/21:  Few pictures below are of the woman Free fly-fishing clinic sponsored by my flyshop. Huge success as a few ladies landed fish, some did long distanced releases but all had fish eat their flies as they had the presentations down.
6/24/21:  Pippa holding her first Trout on the fly-rod. The brown ate a BWO on the Willowemoc.
6/23/21:  Brenden Ryder with one of his many Browns caught on the Willowemoc!  Cahill's were the ticket. This was his first time fly-fishing.
5/1/21:  Jim Corless with a nice West branch brown!
5/26/21:  83 year old Dan Coco with a nice Beaverkill Brown.
5/25/21:  Mike from Washington ST. with a nice Beaverkill brown.
5/21/21: Jessie from N.J. with his first Brown trout on a fly-rod, the Brown took a March brown emerger.  On the Willowemoc.
5/18/21:  My friend Vinny with his best Beaverkill Brown, The Brown took a Olive emerger.
5/8/21:  Brian from Garrison N.Y. with is first ever Beaverkill Rainbow. The bow took a Olive Bugger. 
4/26/21:  Good Friend tony Haskell With a beautiful rainbow. I like the hat!
4/24/21:  Closed the shop late last night, got to the water about 6pm, Caddis coming off, tied on a pupa for Apple Caddis and bingo, last fish caught at 7:15pm.
4/24/21:  Our guide Chris, his Client with a nice Rainbow that ate a Hendrickson.


Tan caddis
October caddis

Pheasant tails
Hares ear
March brown nymph
Copper Johns
Caddis larve
Golden, Black, brown