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  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
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Blue Quills
Quill Gordons
March brownss
Gray Fox

Dark blue sedge
Lil sister sedge

stones, Golden and black



Black stones #2-4
Goldenstones #12 -10?
Pheasant tails 20-12
Haresear's #14 -10's
Prince nymphs
Art flicks Iso nymph
Copper Johns
B.H. Caddis larve-
In different colors #16 -12

                  2021 Fishing Report
             June 19, 2021, 6:30 AM

Beaverkill,     157 cfs  64.0  degrees low

Willowemoc,   46 cfs  59.7 degrees  low

East branch    188 cfs  58.1 degrees wade

West branch   562 cfs  48.9 degrees wade
"Hale eddy"

Mainstem     1150 cfs  63.8 degrees AM fish

Neversink       145 cfs   60.6 degrees wade

Esopus           480 cfs   55.0 degrees wade

Wappinger     116  cfs     N/A   wade

Housatonic      746 cfs     N/A  wade

Farmington     439  cfs     N/A  wade

Bug's -  Cahill's, Iso's, Tan caddis, Olives, Sulphers and Gray Fox, dark blue sedge

6/18/21:  Another cool crisp morning as was last night, fishing was pretty good as Lucian and I got into some pretty good fish, Rainbows and Browns. The fish were not very selective and ate just about anything. We caught fish on Iso's, Cahill's, Sulphers and cream spinners.  Rivers remain low, only floatable river is the West branch of the Del. We cold use some rain!  Recommending morning fishing for the weekend as it will get into the 80's. To fish all day one would want to fish the West branch or upper East and Neversink or close to the portal on the Esopus. Farmington also close to the source. Today in the Catskill's the high will be 78 degrees mix of sun and clouds 30% chance of rain in the afternoon. SW wind 5-10 mph.

6/17/21:  Last night cool and crisp awesome sunset fish were looking up. Sulphers and Olives were the main bug. Fooled a couple on a size #16 Olive emerger. Today will be sunny high 72 degrees with a NW wind 5-10 mph. rivers are getting low more so Beaverkill and the Willow. We need some rain!  For float trips head to the West branch and Mainstem.  In my box I would carry now Sulphers #16/18, Olives of various sizes, Iso's, Cahill's, midges. Caddis in Tan, Gray, Brown. Various rusty spinners, Sulpher spinners and a cream spinner.

6/16/21:  Tough night on my favorite river, more like some rookies mistakes night, fooled two small browns on a Cahill pattern, but the two bigger fish frustrated me. One ate the sulpher cripple and I had to much slack on the water as I tried finding the right drift, he continued to feed but he would not even look at another artificial.  The other placed himself where no drift was possible. Today the rivers are in good shape to wade, but rivers are low so a long leader and fine tippet is needed. Sunny with a high of 68 degrees with a NNW wind 10-15 mph. Bugs in the air last night Sulphers, Cahill's, Iso's, Olives and a few caddis. 

6/15/21:  Was home yesterday to do chores, didn't get done what I wanted to do to wet, cleaned out my vehicle and removed most of the Beaverkills river bottom. Roscoe area received some rain and teased the rivers up there, lower Hudson valley area and Connecticut recieved more and those rivers bumped up more. All rivers are fishable just keep a eye on the temps.  Today in the Catskills 67 degrees with occasional showers 40 % with a NW wind 10-15 mph. Heading back up today. 

6/14/21:  Yesterday a busy day at the shop good to see new faces.  Last night no fishing headed home to check the homestead, to find that my daughter cut the grass and my Oldest Nicole made supper.  Early father's day?  Anglers who came in said Sulpher's, Iso's and Olives were the ticket, some had luck on midges and Caddis. Seemed overall for the weekend guys they were happy as fish entered their nets. Today thunderstorms after noon time, high 73 degrees with a SSW wind of 5-10 mph.

6/13/21:  Reports from anglers entering the shop fishing was good as fish were placed in the net. After supper last night I entered the water for a short bit. Placing 3 browns in the net. One ate a size #22 olive emerger, the others ate a size #14 rusty spinner. In my box now I would carry Sulphers, Olives, Midges, Caddis tan and Gray with a size #18 brown caddis. Iso's and Cahills. Rivers are in fair shape, Willowemoc is low, West branch is floatable some dragging may occur. Today the high will be 72 degrees with a SSW wind 5-10 mph. Cloudy this morning with developing thunderstorms for the afternoon.  Rivers could use a bit of water.

6/12/21:  Couldn't hook a fish last night on my favorite river, saw some heads poke their noses up but they never got into a steady rhythm of feeding. So I placed nothing in the net. Saw sulphers, Olives, Cahills and caddis there were spinners in the air but they never dropped. Today high around 70 degrees with a light and variable wind. Cloudy this morning with a passing showers in the afternoon. Rivers are getting skinny so we could use some rain. Could be a good day to fish with this type of weather today.

6/11/21:  today will feel refreshing with the temps in the 70's, hopefully it will keep the water temps down as they are getting thirsty for rain. Saw my first two fawns of the year, they are always entertaining.  Had a client on the rivers last night, early on slow go had to find shade to see a nose. Everything happened again at dark, Sulphers, Caddis and a few Iso's. We managed a couple of fish in the net but the client worked for it. Today 74 the high with a SSE wind 5-10 mph, Partly cloudy here in the Catskills.

6/10/21:  Fog last night it rolled in and out on my favorite river, this morning it played havoc on the internet in the Campgroud, sorry for the delay ran into town "shop" to do morning reports. Overall last nights fishing was fun, sulphers both small and large were coming off at dark, had plenty of targets and put two nice browns in the net. A angler below me took a brown on a Iso emerger.  Last night was nice despite the fog as the owls were talking to one another some red in the skies at dark. Today the high is 81 degrees with light and variable winds, mix of sun and clouds.

6/9/21:  In the Catskills the lighting bugs are making their appearance, The proud Geese and Mergansers are showing off their young now and the Spring flowers are in bloom along the river banks.  We had scattered thunderstorms yesterday afternoon, dumped some rain but didn't effect the river flows.  I fished from 2PM yesterday till about 5:30 PM, not much going on called it quits do to the boomers. Rivers are in good shape this morning seems the best fishing is the early mornings or just before dark.  Today's high will be 83 degrees with a NNW wind 5-10 mph, Variable clouds with scattered thunderstorms again.

6/8/21:  Thunderstorms likely today with a high of 79 degrees, winds light and variable. Need some rain Willoemoc is low. Freestones warming up in the afternoon. Best bet today are the Tailwaters. By the Weekend temps cool down. Last night it was Tan egg laying caddis that fooled some Trout. Saw a few Sulphers at dark, pretty much a slow evening.

Exciting news!  I now own Trout Town Flies, LLC "formerly Catskill Flies" in Roscoe, New York, as most of you know I managed Catskill Flies last year and have been a guide there for many years.  While the name will change, our staff will return with the same philosophy and service provided in the past.  We will still tie the flies that Dennis did, as well as a few of our own. If you have any questions, please email me at flyshop@TroutTownFlies.com.  or Call the shop at 607-290-4107.  I am in the process of building a website for the store which is coming soon.

Updated Links page, now you can find daily weather reports for the destination you choose for fishing!

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5/1/21:  Jim Corless with a nice West branch brown!
5/30/21:  Had some free time for myself fished the Beaverkill in crap weather and had some fun!  Green drakes.
5/26/21:  83 year old Dan Coco with a nice Beaverkill Brown.
5/25/21:  Mike from Washington ST. with a nice Beaverkill brown.
5/21/21: Jessie from N.J. with his first Brown trout on a fly-rod, the Brown took a March brown emerger.  On the Willowemoc.
5/18/21:  My friend Vinny with his best Beaverkill Brown, The Brown took a Olive emerger.
5/8/21:  Brian from Garrison N.Y. with is first ever Beaverkill Rainbow. The bow took a Olive Bugger. 
4/26/21:  Good Friend tony Haskell With a beautiful rainbow. I like the hat!
4/24/21:  Closed the shop late last night, got to the water about 6pm, Caddis coming off, tied on a pupa for Apple Caddis and bingo, last fish caught at 7:15pm.
4/24/21:  Our guide Chris, his Client with a nice Rainbow that ate a Hendrickson.
March browns
Gray fox

Tan caddis
Dark blue sedge
Lil sister Sedge

Pheasant tails
Hares ear
March brown nymph
Copper Johns
Caddis larve
Golden, Black, brown