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  Photo right:  Nothing is greater than a client landing a quality trout in my net!
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Blue Quills
Quill Gordons
March brownss
Gray Fox

Dark blue sedge
Lil sister sedge

stones, Golden and black



Black stones #2-4
Goldenstones #12 -10?
Pheasant tails 20-12
Haresear's #14 -10's
Prince nymphs
Art flicks Iso nymph
Copper Johns
B.H. Caddis larve-
In different colors #16 -12

                  2021 Fishing Report
             May 13, 2021, 6:30 AM

Beaverkill,     829 cfs  46.0 degrees wade

Willowemoc,  253 cfs  44.9 degrees wade

East branch   1220 cfs  42.9 degrees Float

West branch  2730 cfs  45.1 degrees Float
"Hale eddy"

Mainstem     5830 cfs  47.3 degrees Float

Neversink       552 cfs   47.8 degrees limited

Esopus           373 cfs   48.7 degrees limited

Wappinger     388  cfs     N/A   wade

Housatonic    3110  cfs     N/A  float

Farmington     966  cfs     N/A   High

Bug's -  Apple caddis, Tan caddis, Olives, Blue Quills, Hendricksons, yellow Sallies, March browns and Big Sulphers.

5/13/21:  Beaverkill and Willowemoc continue to drop, both rivers are manageable to wade. East and West branches are best to float, but both rivers are slowly dropping, need that water to stop coming over the spillway. Caddis, Blue Quills, Olives some March browns are on the Beaverkill, You can still see Hendricksons in the upper sections of the Tailwaters. Wappingers creek is at a good level. Today in the Catskills, high 63 degrees, sunny with a NNW wind 5-10, this is a gem compared to what we have been dealing with.

5/12/21:  Yesterdays high water and wind made for a frustrating day. Rivers continue to drop Willowemoc is the best bet for wading in the Catskills. Beaverkill is now under 1000 cfs limited in wading. Wappingers is fishable but use caution. Here in the Catskills rain this morning then becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon. High 58 degrees with a NW wind 10-20 mph. After today we can see the sun for a few days and the weekend looks good.

5/11/21:  Rivers are dropping and clearing.  In the Catskills the Willowemoc is your best bet for wading. You may consider heading high and fish for brookies in smaller brooks or the headwaters.  Heading back to the shop this morning after taken care of some yard work home. If I were to fish I carry some streamers!  If one wanted or needed to dry fly fish, based on safety, the tailends of long pools.

5/10/21:  Good amount of rain fell in the Catskills, rivers are up and still rising. Seems the Hudson valley area received some rain, Wappingers maybe do able later.  This week the weather may favor us as only small amounts of rain is possible. Shop was busy over the weekend, no fishing yesterday as I went to see my Mom.

5/9/21:  Yesterday was a cold and damp day, those who tossed streamers and nymphed did OK, dry fly action was poor, after I locked up last night headed to lower Beaverkill, found small dark Bwo's all over the water and a pod of fish were eating them in a slow pool. Two browns in the net then I called it.  Rivers didn't come up much from yesterdays rain, Tailwaters are dropping. West branch is having a test done as of last night they are reducing the flow, by Monday the Valve will be shut off just for the day. This is to see if they can shut off the valve for a future Project. The saving Grace is there is water spilling over the spillway.

5/8/20:  Good day for Olive buggers  yesterday morning as a client score his first ever trout on a fly rod. In the afternoon March browns  came off on the lower Main and fish were eating them. Rain today high 47 with a West wind 5-10 mph.

5/7/21:  Rivers are dropping you can wade the Willowemoc, Wappingers in spots. The rivers continue to drop the tailwaters though ever so slowly as water is coming over the dams. Today partly cloudy this morning high 57 degrees, Wind SE 5-10 mph, slight chance of rain in the late afternoon. Sat on the Bank of the Willowemoc last night and it was pretty quiet, not many bugs and the fish were napping. Streamers in these conditions of late have been taking fish.

5/6/21:  Rivers remain high some are dropping and clearing along the edges. Willowemoc is limited but if your here it maybe your best bet. My other recommendation is to travel to the headwaters, they may be high but are clearing faster. March browns are showing now in the Mainstem and Lower East branch, Couple of scouts have shown on the Beaverkill but I think a few more days till they kick in. Today some rain in the morning, sunny this afternoon, NNW wind 10-20 mph, high 57 degrees.

Exciting news!  I now own Trout Town Flies, LLC "formerly Catskill Flies" in Roscoe, New York, as most of you know I managed Catskill Flies last year and have been a guide there for many years.  While the name will change, our staff will return with the same philosophy and service provided in the past.  We will still tie the flies that Dennis did, as well as a few of our own. If you have any questions, please email me at flyshop@TroutTownFlies.com.  or Call the shop at 607-290-4107.  I am in the process of building a website for the store which is coming soon.

Updated Links page, now you can find daily weather reports for the destination you choose for fishing!

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5/8/21:  Brian from Garrison N.Y. with is first ever Beaverkill Rainbow. The bow took a Olive Bugger. 
4/26/21:  Good Friend tony Haskell With a beautiful rainbow. I like the hat!
4/24/21:  Closed the shop late last night, got to the water about 6pm, Caddis coming off, tied on a pupa for Apple Caddis and bingo, last fish caught at 7:15pm.
4/24/21:  Our guide Chris, his Client with a nice Rainbow that ate a Hendrickson.
Blue Quills
Quill Gordons
March browns
Gray fox

Apple Caddis
Tan caddis
Dark blue sedge
Lil sister Sedge

Pheasant tails
Hares ear
March brown nymph
Copper Johns
Caddis larve
Golden, Black, brown